Developmental Editing

Developmental editing differs from copyediting, which involves correcting spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, as well as checking syntax and consistency. In developmental editing, I will deal with the “big picture.” I may break up or move around whole chapters or paragraphs to improve the flow of the story. I may polish and re-word sentences to improve clarity and solve issues with repetition, clumsy wording, overuse of the passive voice, or convoluted sentence structure.

In the process of developmental editing, I will also perform some basic copyediting for grammar and such as necessary. However, I strongly recommend having the document copyedited or proofread by another editor before publishing because those forms of editing are not my focus. I can provide recommendations as necessary.

When I am finished, I will return a Word document (.docx) with track changes so you can accept or reject any suggested changes. (If necessary, I can return a “clean” document with the changes already accepted for ease of reading.)

Submission Guidelines: I will accept documents in .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, and .wpd formats. I will also accept a PDF document, but there will be an additional fee to convert the document to a Word document.